Saturday, 15 June 2013

Kiddies Summer Workshop First Day Experience - A personal impression!

The Team & The Participants
Watching eight enthusiastic kids walk into their first day at the workshop, the first of its kind in our neighbourhood was exciting and endearing. My assignment was to capture the day in pictures and words. Conceived and conceptualized by Suchi, “I Create My Future” was an idea in making for a while. Her vision never faltered and slowly but steadily, she set about making it happen. 

The first in a series of workshops for people of all walks of life and intended to reach out to men, women and children, this one was specially created for children. A summer workshop with a difference that aimed not only to teach children various activities but to base it around creating awareness, teaching them human values and life skills.

The Team!
Suchi, with the help of a talented team which includes Monika – a very spirited co-worker, Dhruv, Kandarp, Rupin and Shourya – four young, dynamic and creative men with a keen sense of learning and sharing their experiences, started the first day of the workshop with a fun, interactive and innovative introduction session. Paired into teams, each participant had to work in tandem with their chosen buddy. They had to learn about each other and introduce their buddy to the rest of the team. This helped them focus on the importance of getting to know each other, being good listeners and expressing themselves in front of an audience. It was very successfully managed with each buddy team mentored by one member of the workshop team.

Excited about the innovative ideas!
The young participants quickly realized that this was not going to be the regular run-of-the mill workshop. This was going to be a really unique learning experience. One they all said they were definitely looking forward to. Their final task of the day summed it up when they were told to write about their first day experience. Each and every one stated that they couldn't wait for what next!

I, for one, had a fabulous time capturing the moments that made it all very special. It’s a delight to photograph children. Their expressions make the photos all the more special. Each picture has a story to tell. Memories of the day will stay special. The photos will be a reminder of how the journey began one summer morning. Eight little participants will have a treasure trove of experiences to share with their near and dear ones.

Suchi & the youngest participant

I have to thank Suchi for letting me be a part of this start. I may not be a consistent part of the whole experience but of whatever I get to experience, I hope to share it with everyone either through photos I have taken or words I have written. And I wish the team of “I Create My Future” luck and success not just with this first Summer Workshop but in all their future endeavors. 

Waiting for the fun to begin!
Amused with the buddy project

Mentoring the littlest one :)

Buddies introducing each other

She did a great introduction of her little buddy

Good friends learn some more about each other
The Laughter exercise :)
Everyone was in splits!

Laughter is the best ice breaker
Meditation to calm the mind

 A good boy indeed

Writing about their first day experience

He colored to show his joy 
The photographer/blog author (me!) with the Team

All in a day's work. Happy Endings bring a smile!